Kotla Family Into TDP: A Huge Blow To YSRCP

Kotla Meets CM Alongwith Family Members

The ongoing Politics of AP are going a jolly ride where the two big rival parties of TDP and YSRCP are on a mission to lure as many leaders as they can. Looking at the updated Political developments, TDP is a step ahead of getting much needed leaders denting the Opposition party YSRCP.The Kurnool leader Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy who bid farewell to the Indian National Congress was expected to join the YSRCP for the Reddy factor. Proving all these speculations as fake, Kotla met the TDP Chief CBN and joined the party along with his family. His followers state that despite his will of joining in TDP which destroyed APCC, Reddy wanted to continue his career in changing the party than being in wiped out Congress in AP.

In his meeting with the AP CM in Undavalli residence, Kotla asked Kurnool Lok Sabha seat for himself and Assembly segments for his wife Sujatha and son Rajasekhar Reddy for which the latter gave a positive nod. This son of former AP CM Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy used to be very loyal to the Congress but the futureless state of APCC forced him to leave the party.More than an advantage to the TDP, Kotla joining in the TDP is a big blow to the YSRCP. Already this Reddy tagged party lost other Reddy leaders from the families of Nedurumalli and Anam in the region of Rayalaseema.


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