K’taka BJP slams Siddaramaiah over comment against Amit Shah


Karnataka’s BJP unit on Saturday slammed opposition leader Siddaramaiah’s comment that Union Home Minister Amit Shah is a “political businessman who has put up the Chief Minister’s post for sale for Rs 2,000 crore”, saying that no post is for sale in the saffron party.

Taking to social media a day after his remark, the party’s state unit said that “if lies are told a hundred times, it will not become the truth. You have put tickets (for elections) for sale for candidates. It is natural for you to imagine”.

“The CAG report maintains that for Rs 35,000 crore money that has been spent during the tenure of your government there are no accounts. Siddaramaiah has not bothered to answer this to date.

“Your (Siddaramaiah) courage must be appreciated. You disappeared when the PMO asked for evidence for your charges. You ducked the directions from the court to submit evidence.

“You have swallowed Rs 68.8 crores in the name of modernization of police forces. You are disturbed by the visit of Amit Shah and again playing the same tune and making commission allegations. Mr. Siddaramaiah you can’t fool people,” the party noted.

The BJP went on to say that “your government released Rs 1,43,341 crore for filling up lakes with water in the state. No work was taken up till the end of the tenure of the Congress government”.

“In the name of this project, your colleagues’ pockets were filled with money. Finally, the lakes were filled by the rain… Your government was overthrown by the people for rampant corruption. 7,785 hectares of forests were given away for mining to his own people,” it added


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