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HomelatestKVP Hints Change Of Party In His Letter?

KVP Hints Change Of Party In His Letter?

The senior most leader of AP Congress, KVP Ramachandraiah is speculated to be moving close quarters with the YSRCP Chief Jagan. A brief look at this latest letter to the Central Government explains everything.

KVP And Jagan
Even though the state got bifurcated and the APCC almost vanished from the bifurcated Andhra, KVP remained loyal to the All India Congress Committee. Being very close to the late YSR, KVP never thought of joined YSRCP for his love and admiration towards the latter. He kept fighting as an MP for getting Special Status in Rajya Sabha. In his recent letter to the Indian Prime Minister, he thrashed the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for the first time in the recent years. KVP stated that the ruling party completely failed to develop the bifurcated state. He touched the points of Increase of corruption, the decrease in development in the happened four years ruling of TDP Government.

kvp ramachandra rao
With his latest hatred of CBN, KVP is indirectly hinting his favour towards YSRCP and its head Jagan. Already these two share deep bonding since ages. All it takes is one direct meeting and thus, KVP can get a guaranteed MP ticket from any constituency he wants under the Jagan’s party.

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