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Lesson From Bharath Life

Lesson From Bharath Life

Lesson From Bharath Life: What do you want to learn from the life of Bharat who does not even get to the parents? You have to answer this question. When Bharath is about to die, he claims to be alcohol and drugs. His family members didn’t even attend his funeral too. In fact, he was good for all those brothers, Bharat married earlier than Ravi Teja moreover a love marriage. he belongs to Kshatriya and his wife belongs to Kapu category. Both of them worked hard in America together. Those used to help the family needs. His life had a drastic change in the madness to act.

Even after Ravi Teja became a hero, the Bharat family was in the US comfortably. When a director went to America, he offered Bharath a movie and asked him to come to India. This dialogue had changed Bharath life. Since interested in doing films, he immediately came to India. the director did not give him a single chance. with his own attempts, he came to receive the role of the characters. Bharath disappointed with the roles and his wife went back to America. The two major reasons for his death mentioned below.

Directors comments made Bharath life changed. These directors give fake words to people by increasing hopes on their career. Moreover, Many people who trust them get greatly affected by the consequences.

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