SS Rajamouli comments on Sridevi

Rajamouli comments on Sridevi

SS Rajamouli comments on Sridevi

Rajamouli is a well-known director not only for his movies but for his behavior. His behaviour and silence adds more grace for his nature. Even directors like RGV made a statement about him asking how can it be possible for him to be down to earth. BUt this time prabably his silence meant to have a deeper meaning. the issue is on Rajamouli comments on Sridevi. Rajamouli when asked about actress Sridevi in open heat with RK. He says he didn’t consider Sri devi because she demands a huge amount of 7crores, 5 suit rooms and also shares in the hindi version of Bahubhali.

Rajamouli who was never into controversies before is now the hot topic. Whwn we observe we come to know that Sridevi doesn’t react on this statements. Consequently in the recent promotons of MOM, media brings the topic of Bahubhali offer. Finally Sri Devi opens up on the issue saying, except for the script there isn’t any truth in all the other statements of rajamouli. Furthermore she proceeds asking not to spread faulse rumours. It is not yet known about whom to trust and what might be the actual truth.

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