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HomelatestNara Lokesh says, TDP will win in the US

Nara Lokesh says, TDP will win in the US

Lokesh says, ‘TDP will win in the US too’

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Nara Lokesh, Minister of IT, Andhra Pradesh Government once again became the butt of jokes, thanks to his immature and foolish comments. Lokesh who is currently on an official tour, meeting meet CEOs and founders of various companies, attended a special event in New Jersey. The NRI-TDP special meeting was arranged by local NRIs, and the event saw a great turnout.

Addressing the gathering, Lokesh took everyone by surprise, thanks to his shocking comments. He said, ‘looking at all of you, and your interest and enthusiasm, it looks like TDP can also win in the US’. TDP supporters along with others present at the event were taken back with Nara Lokesh’s statements.

Nevertheless, the video became viral and Nara Lokesh is being literally trolled on every social networking site. As soon as the news became viral, TDP tried to play it down. TDP said, ‘Lokesh said it in a sense of humor, and he is aware of the situation’.

Meanwhile, many netizens argued that this is not the first time Lokesh had made such lame comments. In fact, Nara Lokesh requested people not to support TDP during an election campaigning.

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