Tuesday, September 27, 2022
HomelatestLokesh Ridicules YS Jagan, Asks Pawan To Prove His Allegations

Lokesh Ridicules YS Jagan, Asks Pawan To Prove His Allegations

The IT Minister of Telangana who rather prefers to stay calm on counters lost his cool and tried his best to counter the current two rivals of his party. Launching a verbal attack on Jagan, he also dragged Pawan Kalyan into the scenario to counter him. Seems the Panchayat Raj Minister is miffed with the relentless allegations of Pawan Kalyan all these days. He claimed that the Agri Gold scam was done in the regime of YS Rajasekhar Reddy and it has nothing to do with the CBN’s ruling. He went a step further and asked the Janasenani to come up with the proofs of TDP’s scam rather than shouting in the Public meetings.

Lokesh finally declared that Janasena would end up with very few or no seats in 2019 elections so TDP is less worried about him.Reacting sharply to the YS Jagan’s claims on TDP Government’s ill ruling on 108 services and other schemes, Lokesh countered the Opposition leader via his micro-blogging site. He took his Twitter and stated that from Kodi Kathi Drama to 108 Drama which ended up with the Cow Drama, this YSRCP Chief has won the Bhaskara Award for his bad acting. Let us wait and see how these two rivals of TDP would respond to this first time MLC’s verbal attack.

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