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Homelatest‘Maggie Noodles’fail Lab-tests! Ash found in Noodles | UP Government Fines Nestle...

‘Maggie Noodles’fail Lab-tests! Ash found in Noodles | UP Government Fines Nestle heavily!

‘Maggie Noodles’fail Lab-tests Ash found in Noodles  

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Nestle’s ‘Maggie Noodles’ created are volution in the Indian market with their unique ‘Ready within 2-Minutes’ tag. But the company has come under scrutiny once again. It is understood that ‘ash kind-of-powder’ was found in the recent samples collected by the government authorities.

‘Officials from the Shahajanpur district, Uttar Pradesh have imposed severe fines on the Nestle company after the reported company’s ‘Maggie Noodles’ product failed to pass the safety tastes. An amount of Rs 45 lakhs, Rs 15 lakhs, and Rs 11 lakhs have been imposed on Nestle Company, 3 distributors, and 2 retailers respectively by the Food Safety officials. The matter is being pursued further,’ said an official related to this matter.

Commenting on this, a representative for the Nestle Company stated that, ‘As of now we have not received any official papers from the government officials. We are only aware that samples taken in 2015 contained some ‘ash kind of powder’. We will respond once we are officially notified.’

‘We have been maintaining global standards in the manufacture of noodles right from the very beginning. We deeply apologize for the muddle caused to our customers. Maggie noodles are 100% safe,’ said Nestle.

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