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HomelatestIvanka Trump’s Visits Golconda Fort!

Ivanka Trump’s Visits Golconda Fort!

Ivanka Trump’s Visits Golconda Fort!

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Ivanka Trump surprised everyone after she chooses to visit the iconic landmark of Hyderabad, Golconda Fort. The trip came as a surprise after it was not a part of her itinerary. Ivanka, along with Indian representatives and other GES attendees visited the Golconda Fort. Ivanka’s trip lasted for about 46 minutes in Golconda Fort.

Throughout her trip, Ivanka was briefed about the rich heritage, culture, and history related to Golconda Fort. She was excited to know about the ‘Acoustic Wonder’ in the fort. The engineering marvel allowed a hand clap (below the dome at the entrance) to be heard at the highest point (Bala Hisar) located a kilometer away.

Ivanka enjoyed the photo session with the Golconda Fort as the background. She later stated that ‘there are not monumental and historical structures in the US. It is great to know about the history of Golconda Fort.’

She further expressed that it is the responsibility of every citizen to preserve the historical monuments.

Ivanka would be leaving to Dubai from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad at 9:00 pm today. This would mark the end of the ‘Ivanka’s Visit to Hyderabad’ for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit – 2017.

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