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HomelatestMahakutami Is A Gang Of Cheaters - Balka Suman

Mahakutami Is A Gang Of Cheaters – Balka Suman

The Ex-Member of Parliament Balka Suman is now a TRS candidate for upcoming Telangana assembly polls from Chennur assembly constituency. He has started his second phase of the election campaign in Parupalli, Kollur, Devulawada, Babberacheluka, Rampur, Rapanapalli and velmapalli villages of Kotapalli Mandal on yesterday. In his speech, Balka Suman compared TRS chief KCR with Lord Rama and said that Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao is ruling Telangana like Lord Rama. He asked people to cast their votes for TRS party to get the profits declared in the TRS Elections Manifesto includes doubling of current welfare schemes like doubling of pension, hike in Rythu Bandhu scheme amount, a stipend for unemployed youth.

Mahakutami Is A Gang Of Cheaters

He also added that Chennur constituency is being developed from the past four years and it will get the benefits in future only if the TRS government gets the power back. Balka Suman said more about KCR in a campaign like KCR has proved his mettle in Telangana administration as CM by introducing various welfare schemes and taken the growth to the next level.In his speech, Balka Suman said that the Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI joined their hands and formed Grand Alliance to face the strong TRS party in upcoming polls and he named the grand alliance as the gang of cheaters. He said that Congress party did not provide any such basic amenities to the Telangana even after they ruled the state for over fifty years.

TRS to change the faith of Telangana state

But, KCR changed the things better with his vision in the span of four years and he will do the wonders if he gets the more time. So, if Telangana people think about the future of Telangana, then they have to choose the TRS to change the faith of Telangana state and witness the development in upcoming years. He also added that it will take a minimum of twenty years to address the pending problems in Telangana which are intentionally ignored by Congress when they are in the power. Balka Suman also promised that he will be available to the constituency people at any time if they vote for him in upcoming polls. Besides this, Balka Suman is really having negative feedback in Telangana voters and as an OU student he has not visited the campus in this four years. Even he was not addressed the things of his constituency in Parliament. Let’s wait and see to whom Chennur people cast their votes.

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