Mahakutami’s Fort Tremors As Allies Want More Seats

support of Pawan Kalyan to fight

The Telangana Oppositions formed together as Mahakutami to checkmate the ruling party TRS. Even before the snap polls, all is not well among the partners of this grand alliance. The TPCC formed this alliance including the T-TDP, CPI and Telangana Jana Samithi to contest together in the early polls. As the elections are approaching, the talks of seat sharing have been started. It is learnt that the Kodandaram lead TJS is demanding for as many as 35 seats whereas the TPCC has limited the TJS’s share to just 3 seats. On the other hand, the T-TDP is keen on contesting in 21 seats without any second go including the 15 current sitting MLA positions.

The Telangana Congress Chief Uttam Kumar

The Telangana Congress Chief Uttam Kumar is not ok with the TJS’s demand. Forget 35 seats, he is not going to allocate more than five seats to the Kodandaram’s party. More to this, the TJS party is demanding a new agenda or resolution for the young martyrs who gave their life of Telangana movement. With all these calculations, the Mahakutami is fumbling prior to the snap polls. It needs to be seen if the partners stay intact throughout the elections or split even before the D-day.


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