Friday, September 17, 2021
HomelatestMaharashtra government fails to find flats for MLA's

Maharashtra government fails to find flats for MLA’s

Maharashtra government fails to find flats MLA’s

Maharashtra government fails find flats MLA’s: Mumbai is the economic capital of the country. Even there also the problem with MLA’s. A statement given from the government makes it clear the relation between MLA’s and Maharashtra people. The government says an ad that flats for rent to the MLA’s but there is no response. Presently MLA’s staying flats are existing stage. So they asked Devendra Fadnavis government they need new flats for rent. But in the absence of reaction about that ad.

The government does not understand what have to do even they pay rents for the flats. Officially says that there are many reasons behind that flats for rent. The first reason who will make the adventure that asks the MLA’s for rent. The second reason most of the people do not even believe that government will pay the rent. That is why the Builders are not interested to give flats for rent to the MLA’s. Still, MLA’s want to change their behavior or not.

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