Tuesday, October 26, 2021
HomelatestMamatha Banerjee becomes a victim of her own plans!

Mamatha Banerjee becomes a victim of her own plans!

Mamatha Banerjee becomes a victim of her own plans!

West Bengal Chief Minister, All India Trinamool Congress party chief, Mamata Banerjee scored a self-goal in Supreme Court. The Apex court has dismissed the plea of Mamatha stating that ‘States cannot challenge a law passed by the parliament’. The judgment comes as a shocker to Mamatha, who challenged the Modi Sarkar at the center to do what all they can after refusing to link her mobile number to Aadhar.

Mamatha Banerjee has been opposing the center every time and again. On a similar note, she got a case filed through her legal counsel, Former Central Minister Kapil Sibal on behalf of the state of West Bengal. On this accord, after hearing the arguments put forth by Kapil Sibal, the Supreme Court responded to it by putting forth a question, ‘how could a state file a petition against a law that is brought into practice by the parliament? Referring to this, do give an explanation in the given time frame‘

The Apex court also stated that ‘Mamatha Banerjee can file a petition as the citizen of India over any law passed by the parliament. But a state cannot.’ The court also accepted another petition pertaining to the same subject.

The center was also served notices by the Supreme Court asking it to explain the ‘need to link mobile number with Aadhar card’ within four weeks.

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