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Manu Movie Review & Rating – Telugu Bullet

Producers: The Crowd in association with precocity
Presenters: Nirvana Cinemas
Music: Naresh Kumaran
DOP: Vishwanath Reddy
Writer, Editor, and Director: Phanindra Narisetti

Telugu Movie Manu

A director’s complete effort appears as a film. The director is Phanindra Narisetti and the film is Manu. “Manu” – a thriller, just not only that, it is a conviction of a team towards Cinema. Moreover, it is a crowd-funded movie, means, there is no producer for this film. The 112 more members gave funds for this filmmaking. That is only because of director Phanindra Narisetti. Because he came from short films background and he made an identity by his short films. Though, Raja Gautham, son of Brahmanandam did Manu role in this movie; however, most famous short films’ heroine Chandini Chowdary is the heroine of this film. Finally, the movie in theatres… But, a small analysis about it…

Manu movie release

Movie Plot:

manu-movieManu (Raja Gautham) is a painting artist and lives at Siya island in the east coast area. Unexpectedly, Neela (Chandini Chaudhary) loves him by liking his paintings. But, Manu doesn’t know this love matter. Neela has a photo studio and her father works at a diamond smuggler. Though she loves his paintings, she feels him as a womanizer. But, laterally she realizes it and loves him. Until now all is good but suddenly Amar, Akbar, Antony, and Ranga (Srikanth, John Kottoli, Mohan Bhagat, Abhiram Varma) come into their lives. Thus, unexpected twists happen in their lives. Finally, what are the unexpected turning points? What about their love, will it succeed or not? The show on the big screen…


manu movie

Though director Phanindra Narisetti’s story is good, the taking was not good. The story is about a diamond. When we feel it as a crime film, suddenly it converted into the horror genre. However, completely the story was on an island, and it was an old island left out due to the reason of the plague. But, that was the biggest blunder of the film. Though the director storyline was good, the presenting effects the movie result. The experimental approach was good but should think about the reach. However, the screenplay creates confusion and hero and heroines’ dialogues also make us push into a confusion.

Though director Phanindra NarisettiRaja Gautham look and acting were really improved and he did an excellent job. As like that, Chandini Chaudary also gave the best performance. And, Srikanth, John, Mohan, and Abhiram performed well. However, Vishwanatha Reddy’s cinematography and Naresh Kumaran’s music are biggest assets. The mystery sequences confuse the audiences and took 3 hours instead of 2 hours by lagging the story. And, the curiosity of the audiences will not sustain throughout the movie. As a director, Phanindra did a great job but not in the case of editing. Finally, the movie is not for all categories, only for who fainted by regular commercial films and it may satisfy them.

Telugu Bullet Punchline – Manu… Only for movie lovers..!

Telugu Bullet Rating – 1.5/5

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