“Manu” The Thriller is Arriving On 7th September

manu movie preview
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Manu, is it girl or boy? – Boy. Who is that boy? – Raja Gautham and he is the son of great actor Brahmanandam. Who is the movie director? – Phanindra Narisetty. What is his background? – Nothing, he was a short-film director. His short films are Madhuram, Backspace, and Her. Who is the producer of the film? – No producer for this film. It is a crowd-funded film. Is the heroine is a star? – Yes, but not on silver screen, on YouTube. The heroine Chandini Choudary was a short film heroine and it is her third feature film as heroine. Moreover, she was the heroine in Phanindra Narisetti’s short film Madhuram.Phanindra Narisetti's short film MadhuramFrankly saying, there are no star actors in the film and there is no experienced director, there is no a production house, then how will survive this film? – By the story, screenplay, and taking of the film along with dedication, love, and passion for the film. Really, the director Phanindra Narisett’s short films expose his talent and dedication. Albeit, hero, and heroines are making their words as “Manu will be a turning point in my career.” Moreover, the cast and crew in the film are simply superb, this is all about before releasing the film but really the above lines even not change after watching the film. A brilliant taking style of a film always surprise the audiences. As like that, it may also surprise the audiences.manu movieHowever, director Krish, hero Varun Tej, C/O Kancharapalem director Venkatesh Maha also attended the film event recently. Those gave the excellent words about the film. Interestingly, this is a crowdfunded film means no producer different people gave the funds for the expenditures of the film.


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