Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ravi Teja In Bhogan

Mass Raja Ravi Teja to Remake Bhogan Movie

Mass Raja Ravi Teja to Remake Bhogan Movie: Mass Raja Ravi Teja took one year and now became busy with movies. Presently, he is doing ‘Raja The Great’ movie which is getting ready to release, ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ movie shooting is going on. After this Ravi Teja gave the green signal for Tamil block buster hit ‘Bhogan’ movie remake. ‘Bhogan’ movie director Lakshman is going to direct in Telugu.

So Pawan Sadineni is converting ‘Bhogan’ movie to Telugu style. Jayam Ravi is the hero in ‘Bhogan’ movie and in main role senior actor Aravind Swamy. In Telugu, Ronith Ram can act for this role. The heroine is not fixed for this movie. Like previously, Ravi Teja movie will hit the theaters continuously.

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