Sunday, January 29, 2023
HomelatestModi Is Helping Jagan To Take Revenge On CBN: AP Finance Minister

Modi Is Helping Jagan To Take Revenge On CBN: AP Finance Minister

The AP Finance minister has lashed out BJP led Modi government by alleging that NAMO is lending a helping hand to Jagan inorder take revenge on Chandrababu Naidu who is fighting for the rights of the people.The AP Finance minister has alleged that the change of CBI judge is nothing but to delay the process of Jagan’s cases, thereby helping the opposition chief to merely escape from the imprisonment.

Ramakrishnudu also stated that by changing the CBI judge at this point of time, there will come a necessity of further relook into the past cases of Jagan which will take a lot of time. As per YRK, delaying the cases of Jagan is the strong motive behind the change of CBI judge by Modi.YRK has further intensified his attack on Modi by saying that when the state investigating agency and AP police have sorted out the case, why the center is showing over-enthusiasm in Kodi Kathi case by transferring it into the hands of NIA. The AP finance minister opines that Modi is helping Jagan all the way to have an upper hand on CBN in the upcoming general elections.

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