Rahul’s Wink Once Again Caught The Attention

Congress Dumps Alliance To Go Solo In Telangana Contest All Lok Sabha seats

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once made the headlines with his wink during the ongoing parliament session.The act of Rahul Gandhi is trending hot in social media. Rahul was indulged into such kind of activity during the two-hour long debate on Rafael deal. The war of words was exchanged between the Defence minister Nirmala Seetharaman and Rahul Gandhi during the debate.

The parliament session was filled with counters and allegations blaming each other.During this time, Rahul Gandhi has once winked and caught the attention of the house and as well as the people of the country. The BJP slammed the Congress and Rahul Gandhi on Rafael deal and criticized him for not having any respect towards the constitution. Whatsoever, Rahul wink has once again created a sensation all over.


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