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Big blunder in Mahanati, Nag Ashwin explains everything:

Nag Ashwin blunder mistake in Mahanati Movie

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The prestigious biopic of Mahanati Savitri is running successfully in all the released areas in domestic and overseas regions. This most celebrated movie has got an unwanted blunder which some movie critics pointing out. However, the director Nag Ashwin clears the backstory of his unexpected mistake.

The flick Manahati touted to be the autobiography of legendary actress Savitri showcases the peak rise and fall of top actress of Telugu Film Industry. Makers are getting heaps of appraisals for their perfect conviction and execution of Savitri garu’s story. Unfortunately, some hardcore fans of Savitri garu are not happy with one particular scene. Going into the details, during the downfall of Savitri’s career where she lost huge assets and chances, the Gorintaku’s team tries to help her with a character role. During the lunch break of this movie’s regular shoot, Savitri will be spotted eating alone along with other small actors. But the stalwart actor S.V Ranga Rao who saw the golden life of Savitri invites her to eat alongside with him. Its then he utters the dialogue which touches everyone’s heart. He says that there are people who try to rob the rings of the hand who is feeding food in this society.

Here the big blunder is that the flick Gorintaku was released in 1979 and by that time, the actor S.V Ranga Rao Passed away. After a huge enquiry, it came to know that the actor in that movie is Gummadi but not Ranga Rao. The director Nag Ashwin in a promotional interview cleared the air by declaring that he took the cinematic liberty to showcase Savitri garu’s dire state and he has no time to introduce Gummadi’s character in the biopic. So he used SV Ranga Rao garu’s character to emotionalize the scene. Whatever might be the case, the main theme of the movie that is showcasing Savitri garu’s bad phase was elevated and became a huge success. This movie is produced by Dutt and his daughters with a huge budget.

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