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HomelatestIs Pawan trying to patch up with media?

Is Pawan trying to patch up with media?

Pawan Kalyan Trying to patch up with News Channels

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The war between the Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan and some media channels like TV9 and ABN is still going on. Recent developments between these two parties hint a discussion for better understanding for mutual benefit.

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is said to be a man of his words. Once he decides, then he stops for no one despite the consequences. He stood patiently for 8 long months even though media is airing programmes anti to him. But the whole Sri Reddy issue irked him to the core resulted in a war between him and TV9, ABN. Pawan asked his fans to boycott the channels and the ratings went to poor from good on the internet. As the Pawan has realised the benefits of media keeping his upcoming Public tour in mind, he wanted full coverage in all the channels. So he is rumored to be holding talks to the channel heads in order to stop this war. The deal is that he would ask his followers to stop boycotting the channels and they will start telecasting Pawan’s Public tours which are very crucial for his Political career prior to the general elections.

Pawan’s compromise is hinted with his recent actions where he attended the success meet of Bunny’s Naa Peru Surya. This event is sponsored and telecasted by the TV9, which is apparently anti to Pawan Kalyan. Pawan graced the event and wished all the very best to the entire team. Even though he didn’t mention the name of TV head Ravi Prakash, his presence itself is speaking many things. Not just Pawan, any Politician needs the media support keeping elections in hand. Especially for Pawan who has no media channel nor paper in his hand right now.

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