Tuesday, September 27, 2022
HomelatestNagababu Is Back With Mind Boggling Troll On Lokesh And ABN

Nagababu Is Back With Mind Boggling Troll On Lokesh And ABN

The mega brother Nagababu has started a new career of a Political analyst. With his official Youtube channel, this Jabardasth judge is indirectly batting for his brother Pawan Kalyan’ Janasena by ridiculing his two rival parties TDP and YSRCP.We have seen the way Naga Babu irked Nandamuri Balayya and TDP followers by making a series of videos under the title, Na show Na Ishtam. All thought that he ended his mudslinging programme on Balayya but then, Babu shocked everyone by continuing his videos ridiculing YSRCP Chief Jagan and his alleged corruptions.

In his latest video, Naga Babu took time to counter each and every highlight of Nara Lokesh’ Davos meeting and its pro-media ABN. For each and every praisal of ABN on Lokesh, Naga Babu deeply questioned sarcastically like a common man thereby trolling the IT Minister and his batting channel ABN. At one point, Naga Babu went to an extent and used props which convey that the TDP are blowing their own trumpet by using its pro media like ABN.This video has become the talk of the AP Politics. Some who got vexed with this pro TDP media are expressing their happiness over this video. Whereas the TDP loyalist find fault with Nagababu by countering him via their social networking sites.

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