Nagababu Fires Second Cannon On Balakrishna In A Row

Naga Babu Shocking Comments On Balakrishna

The Mega brother Naga Babu who is supporting his younger brother Pawan Kalyan indirectly has countered Balayya in his recent interview for a Youtube Channel. Instead of butter, he has taken to this controversy to a whole new level by spilling chilli powder on the already ruptured wounds of Balayya fans.Naga Babu is a type of person who responds openly to any issue. In a recent media interview, he claimed that he has never heard of Balayya when the interviewer asked to share his thoughts on the veteran hero. This is a befitting reply to Balayya who declared that he doesn’t know who Pawan Kalyan was in his earlier interviews. Within no time, the Nandamuri fans waged a war on Naga Babu’s FB and warned him to take back his statements.


Irked Nagababu instead of replying them released a short video which frustrated the fans even deeper than the earlier. In the video, Naga Babu asked the viewers to excuse him for uttering that he doesn’t know Balakrishna. He then stated that Nallari Balakrishna is a good comedian who worked with the likes of NTR, ANR, and Krishna in old movies. Showing this old comedian’s photo, Nagababu asked the viewers to google Nallari Balayya to know more about him.Needless to say, Nagababu intentionally provoked Balayya’s camp and his ardent fans another time. However, TDP and Balayya are still calm on this incident but his fans who are unable to digest this second cannon from this mega brother.


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