Monday, August 8, 2022
HomelatestBabu In New Delhi On The Results Day Of Telangana

Babu In New Delhi On The Results Day Of Telangana

The key player of Mahakutami, Chandrababu Naidu who worked his best to bring huge buzz to the TDP-Congress Alliance in snap polls. Despite staying in the T-State to experience the results, this TDP National head has got another big mission in Delhi today.Now that the entire anti-Modi parties have decided to form as a Federal Front, CBN took the lead by meeting each and every leader of this alliance. In his first whirlwind tour across the many States of India, CBN met and invited all the leaders onto one stage. In the second phase, for the first time, this Federal Front is going to showcase its strength for the Saffron party with a big meeting.

chandrababu in delhi

The AP CM chose Delhi as the Centre for his fight against the Indian Prime Minister Modi and is organizing a grand meet by bringing all the anti-Modi leaders under one roof.From Mamta Banerjee to Dewa Gowda, CBN’s good friends including the new frenemy Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi will be attending this special meet on 10th December. Already CBN has landed in Delhi and is making the necessary arrangements. Political arena of India is eagerly waiting to see what CBN and his alliance partners would express in this strength showcasing show at New Delhi today.

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