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After Officer’s Result, Nag To Cancel RGV-Akhil Movie

Nagarjuna Cancels Akhil Movie with Ram Gopal Varma

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The Akkineni’s scion Akhil has yet to make his mark in the industry despite trying twice at the box office. To this unlucky hero, the announced third flick is also hanging on the edge due to the director’s bad form.The name RGV has become a brand for new and different Cinema. From Shiva to Rakta Charitra, he delivered cults and classics with a few failures here and there. But he lost his charm these years and he failed to score one hit in any language of India. After all these years, he teamed up with his first hero Nag to repeat the magic of Siva with Officer.

The movie which released yesterday declared a disaster from the very first show. This made Nag rethink about his younger son’s announced flick under RGV. Had if the Officer ended up with average to hit talk, he would have allowed RGV to direct Akhil. But the outcome of Officer which failed to impress Critics and common audience, Nag is going to say sorry for the sensational director in order to not push Akhil deeper into the pit. Already Akhil saw a big disaster with his very first flick and his second flick Hello impressed class audience. To become successful, he has to entertain the mass audience as well.

Also, we can see Nag in restlessness in the promotional interviews prior to the release of Officer as he knew the result even before the release.Some fans of Akkineni are asking Nag not to allow RGV to direct Akhil and now the Officer’s result adds more strength to take a decision. So this project can be declared as shelved even though it is not yet announced officially.

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