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HomelatestPawan Countered Gajapathi Raju In His Own Place

Pawan Countered Gajapathi Raju In His Own Place

Pawan Kalyan Counters To Ashok Gajapathi Raju

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The Praja Porata Yatra of Janasena’s Chief Pawan Kalyan reached Gajapathinagaram today. Targeting the Minister Gajapathi Raju who hails from the same place, Pawan Kalyan took potshots on his present rivals of TDP.Pawan continued his allegations on the ruling party TDP by saying that they failed to develop the Uttarandhra despite having a couple of MLAs and an MP from the region. Claiming Babu as the escapist, he stated that the TDP Supreme changed his word on the Special Status for almost 30 times.

This leader targeted the Chandranna Bheema Pension Scheme by complaining that the pensions are not getting delivered as the Government officials declare that the fingerprints mismatch with the recorded database. Not stopping there, the Janasenani termed TDP as the money mongering party and its only good at corruption and sand mafia. He declared that TDP failed to fulfill all its promises made as it didn’t develop anything in the happened four years of ruling.

In Gajapathinagaram, Pawan targeted its MP Gajapathi Raju. It is a known thing that this ex Minister irked Pawan Kalyan in Mahanadu. To counter him, Pawan asked if this MP who hails from Kings’ family did any good to his own constituency. Forget developing the town, Pawan declared that Raju failed to make superfast expresses stop in the place at least for one minute. Pawan revealed that the same TDP MP praised Pawan when he supported the Mahakutami in 2014 elections is now passing comments after taking the help.

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