Nandamuri Daughter To Contest From Kukatpally…?

Madhavaram Krishna Rao Responds On Suhasini Contest From Kukatpally

As per the recent reports, TDP is trying to field a member from Nandamuri family for upcoming Assembly polls in Telangana state. Initially, TDP has approached Nandamuri Kalyan Ram to contest but he did not show interest in politics at this moment. Then, their focus is now shifted to another Nandamuri family member. This family member is Suhasini, the daughter of Nandamuri Hari Krishna. Suhasini is married to former MP Chundru Srihari’s son Chundru Srikanth. Chundru family is not yet responding on this TDP proposal so is in pending.


If Suhasini is contested in upcoming Assembly polls, then she is the only family member of Nandamuri family to contest in Telangana region after Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. As we know, Kukatpally is dominated by settlers and there are many aspirants to contest from Kukatpally constituency.One of the senior leaders from TDP said that they thought it as a good thing if any member from the Nandamuri family contest from Kukatpally constituency.


So, we have approached Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and found that he wasn’t interested in our proposal. Then, we have taken this proposal to Nandamuri Harikrishna’s daughter Suhasini because she is also having a political background from her husband side too. Then, what about Peddireddy, one of the senior member of TDP and he wants to contest from Kukatpally. Sources said that he has received orders from higher authorities to stop his campaign in that region.


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