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Nani Answers Sri Reddy For Once And Ever With His Tweet

Nani Reacts To Allegations By Sri Reddy In Twitter

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Natural Star Nani made news yesterday by indirectly answering Sri Reddy who is slinging mud on Nani’s private life on her Facebook. Nani’s tweet not only countered her but relaxed her restless fans over the internet.It all started when the controversial actress Sri Reddy dragged Nani out of the blue and alleged that she has affair with him. She went further and declared that she and Nani gives a perfect dirty picture.

Initially, Nani kept his cool and remained tight-lipped even though his fans started to tweet war against her on Twitter. When Nani attended the special press meet of Bigg Boss Season two, a reporter asked if he opposed Sri Reddy from entering Bigg Boss show. Nani in his own style has rejected the rumor but Sri Reddy tagged the video on her FB wall and made some derogatory allegations on Nani by conspiring deep affair with her which are too vulgar to state for common readers. Vexed with her behavior, Nani posted a text to answer her for one time in his life.

Nani stated that he doesn’t want to answer some people who are intentionally dragging his name for the limelight. This Natural actor slammed her indirectly by opining that it is not good to live in a society where some people would randomly pick soft targets just for the fame. On the same note, Nani fumed fire on some Youtube channels and websites who are supporting Sri Reddy and publishing made up stories on his personal life.

Nani felt shame on those websites who are doing these kinds of acts just for the sake of few more clicks and views. He reminded them that they too have families and will know the pain if they taste such things in life.This aspiring actor made it very clear that he is not going to respond in this issue yet again as the legal action has initiated from his side. Fans after seeing this tweet started ignoring this whole matter and started concentrating on his Big Boss two hosting.

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