Nara Brahmani batted for Sri Bharat ?


It is a known thing that Balayya’s second son in law M Sri Bharat is contesting as an MP aspirant from the Vizag segment for the Lok Sabha elections. Updated information reveals the secret behind allocating the Vizag seat to Bharat instead of Lakshmi Narayana.

CBN dreamt of sending ex JD Lakshminarayana to Lok Sabha from the TDP ticket to checkmate his political rival Jagan but the latter quit TDP and joined the Janasena. After some internal inquiry, it came to know that CBN gave hand to Lakshminarayana for the sake of Geetham Sri Bharat to make him an MP just like his grandfather. None other than CBN’s daughter in law Nara Brahmani is the one who forced her father in law to allocate MP ticket to her sister’s husband.

CBN who thought of fielding his son Nara Lokesh from Bheemili thought that it would be bad to field in two candidates from his own family from one district then shifted Lokesh’s constituency from Bheemili to Mangalagiri as well. As Lakshminarayana rejected Bheemili, the same place has been allocated to the ex-MP Sabbam Hari. Brahmani is behind all these last minute shufflings only for the sake of making Sri Bharat an MP.


Now it is a hard task for CBN to make his son Lokesh win from Mangalagiri to prove the young man’s mettle. As this pressure is not enough, Lakshmi Narayana is now contesting as an MP against Sri Bharat for Vizag parliament segment. Sometimes. Internal pressures would trouble more than the party cadre. What say, folks!


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