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HomelatestNational media finally focussing on A.P

National media finally focussing on A.P

National media finally focussing on A.P

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The union budget of 2018 has left the entire state of A.P in disappointment. Finally, the pain of the people and leaders has touched the National media which is much needed at this crucial time.

Everyone knows the power of media and there are many instances where media acted as Catalysts in big developments like Jallikattu, AP- Telangana bifurcation etc. The national news channels despite its vast reach in the country generally ignore South India. When it comes to any issue regarding A.P, the National media would rather care to cover any Bollywood event than state’s issues. Thanks to the budget, the National media has entered the newest capital of A.P, Amaravati to enquire about TDP’s dent in the NDA alliance. Big National channels like NDTV, CBNC, Times Now, Republic and many other media houses already camped in Amaravati to know TDPs future decisions. At the center, the M.Ps of A.P already grabbed the attention with their protests in Parliament. This coverage is well needed for the A.P state to convey its disappointment to the center regarding the promises BJP made prior to 2014’s elections.

According to the national media, TDP is willing to withdraw from the alliance. Already the big friend Shiv Sena went out of NDA and with TDP’s dent, NDA would weaken more than expected. Also, National media is curious about Chandrababu Naidu’s official declaration on the alliance, future decisions and fights against center to achieve promised and expected packages from the Central government. For now, political analysts kept their fingers crossed and kept silent expecting a high drama in Amaravati in the upcoming days.

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