Tuesday, January 18, 2022
HomelatestAnother National Media Predicts TRS's Win In Snap Polls

Another National Media Predicts TRS’s Win In Snap Polls

Whether its paid or pure, the National media channels one after the other is predicting the clean sweep of TRS party in Telangana. After ABP News, Republic and NDTV”s survey, the CNX channel declared its survey results in favour of this Pink party.In its released survey figures, TRS which is claiming to bag ninety seats in the snap polls would get 70 seats for sure. While the Congress with its Mahakutami backup would get limited to just 31 seats and the regional party TDP will have just two seats that too in the Andhra settlers dominated regions.

BJP is against TRS for

The Saffron party, however, get five seats with its vote bank. Last but not least, the union of TJS and left parties can gain five seats. This survey is said to be quite authentic as the Channel is backed up by the BJP biggies and BJP is against TRS for its Chief KCR’s Political ploys against the National party.All in all, all the channels predicting TRS’s win is considered to be true as already more three National media gave almost same survey results. If this turns to be a reality, then there will be no looking back for TRS in an upcoming couple of terms.

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