We Paid A Huge Price For Sanctioning Telangana: Sonia Gandhi


The other day, the Medchal constituency is filled with the Congress supporters to cheer the UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi. In her first ever speech in Telangana in her first ever visit post the bifurcation of AP and Telangana, she declared many offers to attract the T-voters.

This AICC National President

Sonia Gandhi in her speech claimed that it was her who granted the separate Telangana but not the TRS and its Chief. Terming the State of Telangana as her youngest child, she projected herself as the Mother of Telangana. Expressing her grief to watch her youngest child in such bad shape, Mrs. Gandhi declared that Congress will make this baby shine like anything.

This AICC National President declared

This AICC National President declared that the Congress paid a huge price for satisfying the wish of Telangana people. Reiterating the fact that Congress’s wipe out from Andhra Pradesh, she asked the people to look at the Congress’s sacrifice for Telangana. All in all, Sonia claimed the complete credit of giving Telangana in the Medchal region. Other leaders of TDP, TJS, and CPI shared the dais along with Sonia Gandhi to showcase the strength of Mahakutami.


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