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Nayantara Marriage Details

Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan Marriage details

From the beginning of her film career, there are lot many rumors about the love and marriage life of Nayantara. No other heroine has as many rumors as she does.naintara fell in love with the tamil actor’s Simbu during her starting stage of her career. Mostly heroines doesn’t reveal their love story untill it comes till marriage. Even when media questions about Their relationship, they ignore it saying those all are rumors. But Nayantara is different from all other actresses. She said that Simbu and herself are in relationship. later rumors flew in air that they both are about to get married. But due to some reasons they broke up. Now Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan Marriage details are here.

After this affair Nayantara became close to senior director cum choreographer prabhu deva. Prabhu deva and Nayantara became centre of attraction in many functions and media events. Prabhu deva wife filed a case in prabhu deva and Nayantara. Later they both thought to get married. At that point of time Nayantara finished all her upcoming projects in fast pace so that they can marry. She also gave an official announcement by saying that Sriram Rajyam is my last film as after the marriage she’s not gonna act in the films. After this film Nayantara made all her marriage arrangements. At the last moment whatever may be the reason it is unknown. But finally the couple got separated.


She gave a re-entry into her film career after this affair. Generally when a heroine announces that she is getting married , offers in film career would get reduced. But this didn’t happen in the case of Now Nayantara. Nayantara got many best offers in her second innings too. She opted best movies later. She is away from all the love affairs for sometime during her second innings and concentrated only her film career. The result is she have got a list of continuous blockbuster hits.she the top actress in the Tamil industry. Nayantara has a separate image and craze in the industry.she never took part in promotional activities of her films like other heroines. She doesn’t even give interview to media. She still have many offers coming her way which shows that how importance she is for every director.

Now the buzz regarding her personal career is doing rounds in the industry. Tamil director Vignesh Shivan and Nayantara are in a relationship. But when asked about this Nayanthara denied this news. It observed that they both are dating each other from so long. On the occasion of Vignesh Shivan birthday they both celebrated it in abroad. Many pictures of them has been viral in social media. It is also heard that they both are getting married soon which is why the reason they purchased a new villa. Let’s see whether this time Nayanthara gets married to her love or not.

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