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HomelatestWhen will Nirbhaya Repeats Stop?

When will Nirbhaya Repeats Stop?

Nirbhaya Repeats in Visakhapatnam Minor Girl

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How many times, India has to be the silent spectator of Nirbhaya incidences. There is no stopping to these culprits who commit such offenses. The culprits are walking freely in spite of getting caught, they are super confident they can come out on bail given our pathetic Judicial system.

In a horrendous incident, a minor girl was raped in a private bus in Visakhapatnam. The victim shockingly happens to be a deaf girl with hearing and speech impaired problem. This incident took place on December 30th, 2017, itself but came to light only on January 3rd after the girl’s family approached the police to lodge an official complaint.

C Viswanathan raped the girl inside the bus on December 30th in the premises of VSEZ (Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone) and he happens to be the driver for the SEZ private bus. The minor happens to be working as a gardener. The driver threatened and warned her to shut her mouth and not to reveal the incident to anyone.

But the victim’s family came to know of the incident only after noticing some physical disabilities and injuries on her body. An official complaint was lodged by the girl’s parents and police registered a case under Nirbhaya Act, SC/ST Act and POSCO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act. Further investigations are in progress.

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