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No more 5-Day Test Cricket?

No more 5-Day Test Cricket

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The upcoming first test between South Africa and Zimbabwe will be a special one, given its special rules and regulations. A test match is scheduled for a 5-day cricket with 90 overs each day. The ICC has taken the decision to increase the number of over that needs to be bowled in 98 overs. The 5-day match will be now reduced to 4-day match.

Previously, excluding the lunch break and tea break between sessions, there used to be a 6-hour play on the field. To accommodate the extra 8 overs, 30 minutes are added to the day’s play. This takes the total play time to 6 hours 30 minutes

Another rule change was the minimum runs required to enforce a follow-on. In the past, a team needed to have a minimum of 200 runs to enforce the follow-on. With the change in the rule, 150-run lead is sufficient to enforce the follow-on.The test match is scheduled to be played form 26th December – 29th December. Being a day-night test, pink ball will be used to play.

ICC has given the option to conduct 4-day test matches until 2019 during a bilateral test series. It is heard that the BCCI [Board of Control for Cricket in India] is against this new format. This means that the Indian cricket team will not be playing any 4-day test match in the near future.

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