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HomelatestNo Uber-Ola Surge pricing in Delhi! AQI levels in Delhi touch 612

No Uber-Ola Surge pricing in Delhi! AQI levels in Delhi touch 612

No Uber-Ola Surge pricing in Delhi

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The Delhi government has stated that the Odd-Even scheme will be implemented in the pollution-affected city from November 13th to November 17th. Transport Minister, Kailash Gehlot requested the public and all other agencies to co-operate with the government.

Gehlot told to the media that, ‘There would be no price-surge implementation by Ola and Uber Cab companies. I kindly request the public and agencies to co-operate in implementing the Odd-Even scheme. This rule also applies to the ministers in the government.’

It is known that the Air Quality Index reaching 481 the government agencies termed it as ‘severe’ level and instructed schools to give a holiday for primary school students. The current pollution in Delhi is similar to a person smoking 50 cigarettes per day.

At the time of writing this article, at 6:30 pm on 9th November 2017, the AQI recorded at Mandir Marg, Delhi is at 612. According to the UN World Health Organization, an AQI level of 51 to 100 is termed as moderate, and AQI above 151 is considered to be unhealthy.

The BJP has taken the opportunity to criticize the AAP (Aam Admi Party) government. BJP leaders said that the odd-even rule is not a permanent solution to Delhi’s pollution. It looks like the politicians are busy criticizing each other when their voters are suffocated to death with the poisonous air.

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