Novel coronavirus is being stress on physical distancing

Novel coronavirus is being stress on physical distancing
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Covid-19, caused by novel coronavirus, is in fact novel in a way as it is taking the people back to basics. It has spurred hundreds of countries to trek the novel path of lockdown to avoid contact with one another as it the virus has a high multiplication power. Taking a step ahead, it is even setting right our body clocks.

With the state governments declaring that all business establishments should remain open between 10 am and 5 pm only, people will try to learn to wake up along with the sun and take rest by the time sun sets in the west – the lifestyle which our ancestors practiced, which is said to be the secret behind a healthy and long life. With the governments strictly enforcing curfew from 7 pm to 7 am, roads are empty for 12 hours giving some time for the environment and nature to rejuvenate and relax.

Apart from the making us practice the usual personal hygiene which is observed as a precautionary measure to prevent contracting any infection, the novel coronavirus is being ‘hatke’ in stressing on physical distancing.

Pre-Covid, nightlife existed and it was more visible in urban areas in tune with the cliché “the city never sleeps”. Youngsters and employees working in the ghost shifts, employees and workers involved the supply chain of essentials used to be moving on the roads even when the night was dark and others were snoring in deep sleep.

However, after the onset of Covid-19, except for those associated with the supply chain, employees in night shifts and youngsters enjoying their time at pubs and bars are completely invisible.


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