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HomelatestYS Jagan’s ‘NTR District’ Comments Spark Anti-Jagan Wave!

YS Jagan’s ‘NTR District’ Comments Spark Anti-Jagan Wave!

NTR District Comments Anti-Jagan Wave In Krishna District

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YS Jagan might have created tremors in TDP Party by announcing that he would rename Krishna Distract as NTR District. But his decision has sparked anti-Jagan wave in his own party itself. Sources confirmed that a section of YSRCP leaders, especially from the Krishna District, is quite furious over YS Jagan’s announcement.

YSRCP’s political advisor Ramachandra Rao has publicly condemned YS Jagan’s comments. ‘Krishnamma (Krishna River) is flowing in our state by crossing many states. It is making the Krishna delta fertile.

There is no district in any state (where the Krishna River is flowing) with the name Krishna. But we are having it. If they think of changing such a name, we will not let it happen. I want YS Jagan to take back his promise immediately. If not I will resign, and stage fast-until-death protest against YSRCP and YS Jagan. We will even establish Krishna District Conservation Committee and protest against him.

If he has so much of respect and regards for NTR, I suggest him to put statues, and name buildings after his name. We will not let anyone change the name of our district’, said Ramachandra Rao.

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