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NTR ‘On Silent Mode’?

NTR ‘On Silent Mode’?

Right from the very first day of announcement of a film in NTR-Trivikram combination, rumors started to spread like wildfire. It was rumored that the film would be in the backdrop of an Army war with NTR as soldier or thriller film with NTR playing the role of detective. The recent announcement of Trivikram has put an end to all such rumors. The director has confirmed that the film would be a family story like his previous films. Though Trivikram did not finalize whether Tabu would be a part of the film or not, he clearly stated that his team did approach the actress.junior-ntr

The film’s production unit stated that Trivikram is looking for a unique title which can be a trendsetter. Taking NTR’s role as a Soldier, few media houses and online publications claimed that the film’s title is ‘Soldier’ or utmost, ‘Ramudu Bheemudu’. Official sources stated that the film’s production company, Harika and Hassine Creations has registered the title ‘On Silent Mind’. Whether the registered title is meant for this film or not, it aptly suits NTR, given his extended silence on the various rumors regarding the film. One has to wait and watch on how the fans would be responding to ‘On Silent Mind’ title.

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