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HomelatestWhy did Kamal Hassan change?

Why did Kamal Hassan change?

Why did Kamal Hassan change?

Kamal has been known as an outrageous speaker right from his early days in the film industry. Recently, even Rajinikanth also expressed the same opinion about Kamal Hassan. Being an atheist, Kamal always raised questions about following and practicing ‘traditions and rituals’ blindly. He did get into a lot of trouble in the film industry and societally for his outspoken-nature. But he never went back on his words. Even during the release of Viswaroopam, Kamal did cry stating he would even leave India but refused to bow down.

People are raising eyebrows about his recent stance on the controversy after he coined the term ‘Hindu Terrorism’ in one of his speeches. Given his indirect remarks on RSS in that speech, he drew a lot of criticism from various corners of the society, and especially from BJP. After a Hindu Mahasabha leader called to Shoot dead Kamal Hassan, the film actor received support from the film fraternity. Post that, Kamal would usually support his remarks. But astonishingly, during a press meet held on his birthday, 07th of November 2017, Kamal surprisingly stated that ‘he was misquoted’, and ensured that, he would be careful in expressing his opinion, and nowhere he shall hurt the Hindu Sentiments.

This change even shocked Kamal’s close associates. No wonder they say, ‘politics for once changes everyone,’ with Kamal as the latest example.

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