Wednesday, August 10, 2022
HomelatestAP Bandh Today: Special Status Still In Dilemma

AP Bandh Today: Special Status Still In Dilemma

The entire AP is going to experience a State wide Bandh today as a sign of protest against the Centre for not getting the Special Category Status. Now the million dollars question is whether the State ever gets its Status or not.The Central Government BJP when it was in opposition promised to give SCS to the AP post the bifurcation. However, it ridiculously backstabbed the AP which blindly believed the Saffron party and supported it in the Lok Sabha. Finally the AP ruling party TDP cut its strings with the BJP and started fighting for it. Unlike Telangana, AP parties are unable to unite and fight for its Status as they are busy slinging mud at one another.

Amidst this Political scenario, the APCC has called for the AP Bandh today and its leaders Chalasani Srinivas initiated the proceedings. APCC Chief Raghuveera Reddy and a few of his colleagues stopped some vehicles and protested on roads for a big this morning. The whole State is said to be shutting down except for some remote areas. One has to wait and see if other parties participate in the bandh and express their support or not.Congress will be active today as its Chief Rahul Gandhi declared that he will sign on the AP Status agreement first when he becomes the new PM in 2019. It is now clear that BJP will not give its special status so Babu too is going along with the AICC as far as the National Politics are concerned.

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