‘Pada Pada’ Song – Janasena Kavathu Motivational Song




Finally, the Kavathu song is here from Janasena. Pawan Kalyan followers are eagerly waiting for this song from the announcement minute. Also, Pawan Kalyan was giving updates about the song. He announced it on October 13th and was released on October 15th. Albeit, the song is very very inspirational and the track is hard hitting. Really, the words of Pawan Kalyan in the middle of the song are goosebumps. Simply, it is the anthem of Janasena Party and Janasainkas walk with Pawan and now can run with this song’s motivation.

Really, it is a great chance to music director Thaman. As well as, he gave his best to it and getting appreciations from Pawan Kalyan for his dedication. Greatly, it is a memorable chance to Thaman because the song retains and it is played at every party meeting. Albeit, it is Thaman’s first work with Pawan and it is a notable thing.

However, we all know that how much Pawan Kalyan loves the literature. So, he thanks Rama Jogiah Sastry especially by a special letter. Certainly, everyone will love it because of the tremendous and motivating words of the song.

Pawan Kalyan alerting about Road Accidents:

Moreover, Pawan Kalyan is alerting the followers and party cadre about their road accidents. He makes them aware of it by his words and he makes them participate in Kavathu with zeal. However, it is going into the fans, very quickly because it is from Powerstar Pawan Kalyan.


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