‘Padmavathi’ Director, Bhansali tried to cash in with the ‘Emotional’ aspect!

‘Padmavathi’ Director, Bhansali ‘Emotional’ aspect

‘Padmavathi’ Director, Bhansali tried to cash in with the ‘Emotional’ aspect!

Posted December 1, 2017, 5:13 pm at 17:13 

The Parliamentary Panel slated to hear the version of Sanjay Leela Bhansali over the film ‘Padmavathi’, has reportedly lashed out at the director. The panel of members condemned the director for screening the film to media representatives even before it was certified by the CBFC. ‘You have clearly disrespected the CBFC body by screening the film with few media representatives. This is highly unacceptable,’ said the panel.

‘The screen was in no measure to disrespect the CBFC body. I did not find any other option expect screening to media representatives to prove that the film isn’t having any objectionable content as the protestors are claiming,’ replied Bhansali to the panel’s comment.padmavathi-movie

Soon he was cut short by the Panel. The Parliamentary Panel strongly refuted with Bhansali’s statement and said, ‘You tried to cash in with the emotional quotient over this issue. If the film is said to be fictional, what was the intention behind using real names for the fictional story?’.

‘Padmavathi’ was initially slated for release on December 1st, 2017, i.e., today. But the film has been postponed after the sensor board choose to not the certify the film on various grounds.

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