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My film became ‘disaster’ because of ‘No Sex Scenes’!

Lakshmi Rai Julie film became ‘disaster’ because of ‘No Sex Scenes’!

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Heroine Rai Laxmi made shocking comments on her latest film ‘Julie 2’. Prior to the release of the film, it was rumored that the film is based on the life of a former actress, presumably heroine Nagma. Many stated that the film would be ‘high on adult content’ with steamy scenes. The film’s unit promotions also went in the same direction. The trailer or the first look promised rich adult content in the film.

The young audience rushed to the theatres on the first day. The film was declared as ‘disaster’ from the very next show. People started lashing at the director and producer for promoting the film as ‘adult’ film. Many expressed that there is hardly any adult content in the film, and glamour is even below par than many regular Bollywood movies.

The film’s heroine Rai Laxmireacted on this. ‘The audience expected some steamy action in the film after watching the promotions. They rushed to theatres expecting a lot of adult content. As the film failed to meet the audience expectations (adult content), the film became a disaster,’ said the actress.

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