PARICHAYAM Movie Review And Rating

PARICHAYAM Movie Review And Rating

Cast: Virat Konduru, Simrat Kaur, Sijju, Rajiv Kanakala, Pruthvi, Paruchuri Venkateswararao & others

Director: Lakshmi Kanth Chenna

Music: Sekhar Chandra

Cinematography: Naresh Rana

Editing: Praveen Pudi

Producer: Riyaz

Movie Plot :

Anand (Virat Konduru) and Lakshmi (Simrat Kaur) are neighbors and their fathers are Rajiv Kanakala and Pruthvi respectively. Anand and Lakshmi born on same day, nearly at the same time, in the same hospital. They like each other and grow together. They fall in love but don’t tell each other. Suddenly, Lakshmi’s father knows about her love for Anand. He doesn’t like it and avoids her to talk with Anand. She attempted suicide and she has gone mad. Her parents leave her in hospital rudely. Then, Anand takes care of her and brings her to Kakinada. The struggles of Anand to make her normal, does Lakshmi remind her past or not? and What the final conclusion of their love is the remaining story.

Analysis :

Director Lakshmi Kanth previously entertained with ‘Ninna Nedu Repu’ and ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’ with different kind of stories. But now he took, the regular story of love genre. Of course, they said it was a real story but all real stories may not fit for to make as films because we have seen this type of stories in some old movies. The way of storytelling is looking like routine manner and not excite so much. But, because of the love story, it may give the feel to some audience also. The lovely scenes between hero, heroine and some emotional scenes are in good format but the screenplay is in an ordinary way. The director always tries to elevate love in scenes but may not concentrate on a new way of approach with love story. In his previous movies, comedy tracks are very well but in this, those are flat and didn’t create much fun. Some incidents in the movie are very difficult to digest. But one thing is to say, majority love stories are like this but every love story has much pain, much feel and strikes heart with treatment. This film also gives these all things. Only, by comparing it to previous love stories this story is not fresh other than it gives good love feel.

Hero Virat did a great job in emotional scenes and proved himself. Heroine Simrat also acted good and looking beautiful. Rajiv Kanakala and Pruthvi did well. Music was simply good and Cinematography was extraordinary by capturing some locations, the way of capturing some emotions. Finally, Feel of the story was good but in regular format.

Plus points: Actors’ performance, Songs, Cinematography

Minus points: Known story, Screenplay

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.5/5

Telugu Bullet ‘Punchline’ – “This ‘Parichayam’ is not fresh”


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