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HomelatestPawan Answered Critics In Style With His First-Day Speech

Pawan Answered Critics In Style With His First-Day Speech

Pawan Answered Critics In Style With Her  Speech

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Hero turned politician Pawan Kalyan has flagged off his whole AP tour the other day with enormous craze, expectations and following. After performing rituals in the seashores of Uttarandhra, he gave his first dynamic road speech in Srikakulam District. Not only cheering up his Janasainikas, he answered his critics and enemies in his own powerful style.

Pawan Kalyan has been criticised for many reasons from the so-called senior-most political analysts. Among them, maximum things point out at his inability to form a full-fledged party even after completing 4 years of his party formation. The dynamic leader who has been silent over criticism on him finally shut the mouths of everyone.

The Janasena Supreme stated that he is taking time to build the party as there as many aspirants but he needs to choose the best one to bridge him and the people. For that reason, he is taking his own time such that he will select right candidates who have love towards the Nation and society. He went further and slammed CBN by declaring that the TDP Supreme didn’t form a party but took away already built party by NTR Sr. Not stopping there, this most celebrated leader revealed that he is going to compete for all the constituencies in Andhra Pradesh but not just one.

Slamming those who tagged him as a dancer of BJP tunes, Pawan with a rather harsh tone declared that he is not a puppet in the hands of BJP but he is Pawan Kalyan. Claiming that he works for only people but not to any leaders, he fumed fire on BJP and Modi for backstabbing the people of AP regarding Special Status. Pawan also conducted a march against BJP for the same reason. This is a good start for Pawan and Janasena.

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