Pawan apparently defeats Jagan with the launch of JFC

Pawan apparently defeats Jagan with the launch of JFC

Pawan apparently defeats Jagan with the launch of JFC

Posted February 13, 2018, 3:51 pm at 15:51

In the ongoing political battle of Andhra Pradesh post the release of Union Budget-2018, the new party Jana Sena has got its upper hand over YSRCP. Its Chief Pawan Kalyan’s new course of actions explains everything.

Pawan Kalyan has started his full-time politics lately. After his Chalore Chalore Chal tour, he shifted his focus to the AP Bifurcation promises. Adding more fuel to the already ignited flame regarding Centre ditching the state, Pawan has floated a new Joint Action Committee called Joint Fact-Finding Committee. With most trustable members like Jayaprakash Narayan, Undavalli Arun Kumar, and some important retired IAS members, this JFC will analyze the central grants, its promises, state’s expenditure on various projects post-2014 elections. After having a detailed report, it will find a legal way to get all the promises fulfilled for the state of AP. actually, it was expected that the Opposition leader YS Jagan would do this kind of work as he is the only option for AP people. Call it as his lack of commitment, thirst for power or his ego problems, he kept on slamming TDP government and continued his Padha Yatra despite forming an alliance. Pawan kept his huge stardom aside and formed JFC which is apolitical in nature.

For sure, Pawan has got his own advantage than Jagan with this huge move. Jagan still not understanding the impact of Janasena and Pawan Kalyan on next elections is busy with his own plan of action. He is also finding a way to get into an alliance with NDA government which may irk some of Andhra People who are already in frustration with the Centre.

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