CBN’s mind game shot misfired at him with Somu’s revelations

CBN’s mind game shot misfired at him with Somu’s revelations

CBN’s mind game shot misfired at him with Somu’s revelations

Posted February 13, 2018, 4:49 pm at 16:49

The Political Chanakya Chandrababu Naidu who started his fight on the center after supporting it for three and half years has used his tactics to win the sympathy of AP people. However, he apparently faced a huge damage from one of the leaders of AP BJP cadre.

CBN in his latest Teleconference fumed fire on the center for its betrayal regarding the special category status. He directed his leaders to fight against the center demanding all the promises and grants to be fulfilled. CBN directly asked the center if they could cheat the people of AP even after supporting big controversies like Demonetization, GST etc. But the question is are there any takers for his fight or so-called fake protest on the center?. Maximum of his party supporters lost their confidence in TDP leaders and their dual stands in this whole AP bifurcation act. Damaging the trust on TDP more, the BJP MLC Somu Veerraju who made shocking comments on CBN last week has gone further to reveal TDP leaders fake promises to the people. In his press conference, he has shown the paper cuttings of TDP Union Minister Sujana Chowdary thanking the center for granting more than the asked grants. Not stopping there, he showed many paper cuttings of TDP Supreme CBN and Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao thanking Modi Government for their endless support to the state.

Somu also questions the entire camp of TDP if they have any sense to oppose Special Category Status for Special Package and now blaming the center for Status. He declares CBN and his party leaders as power mongers. Somu dared to claim BJP has offered more than the asked grants and institutions for AP post bifurcation. Now the blame game is on CBN as his claims misfired on him, unfortunately.

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