Triple Heat Fight Is Inevitable: Declares Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan Challenge 2019 Elections He Becomes As AP CM

The Janasenani’s Chennai visit gathered a huge buzz among the AP Political circles. Apart from his visit, the Press interaction and Pawan Kalyan’s stunning answers have become the center of attraction. With this conference, it is officially declared that the Janasenani is very serious about the Power in 2019.

Pawan Kalyan Speech

Among all the answers Pawan gave to the Tamil Press, two points attracted the AP Political analysts. He declared that he sees himself as the CM of Andhra Pradesh in 2019 and claimed that Janasena will go all alone in the elections fight. Pawan even dared to state that one can come ahead and perform a Lie-Detector Test in his claims of Janasena contesting solely. On this regard, Pawan Kalyan expressed his confidence in winning the triple fight among TDP, YSRCP and his own party in 2019 as no two parties will join hands to oppress others. With this, the TDP leaders who kept repeating that Janasena has a secret pact with YSRCP is shattered down completely yet again by this young leader.

TDP And YSRCP Janasena

Janasenani will be continuing his Praja Porata Yatra from 23rd of this month by visiting the constituency of Mandapet in East Godavari districts. He is spending ample time in the Godavari region as most of the seats can be bagged from this place of the State.


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