Revanth Reddy’s Sharp Attack On KCR And KTR

Revanth Reddy’s Sharp Attack On KCR And KTR

The firebrand leader Revanth Reddy reacted to KTR’s hate comments the other day. Responding to the allegations made by the KTR in his own constituency, this working president of Congress gave a stunning speech to the voters of Telangana. It is a known thing that the TRS biggies KCR and KTR the other day in their individual speeches showcased a fear of losing.

This point is well utilized by their rival Revanth like a missile to launch at the Kalvakuntla’s family. Revanth asked the people to look deep into the Kalvakuntla leaders’ claims. He reminded the statements of KCR who declared that he would go to his farmhouse if he loses and KTR who claimed that he would return the US if lost indicates that they are not so interested in serving people.

Revanth declared that these kind of leaders are in Politics only to loot Government funds, commissions and increasing their assets. If lost, these leaders would not be seen as they have no responsibility regarding the people.Until now, the campaigning of Congress lagged back TRS but with just one day, the Mahakutami is leading the buzz with TRS bigwigs’ non-confident speeches. One has to wait and see if Mahakutami really is irking the KCR and his son until the end of early polls.


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