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Pawan Kalyan Fans Target Chinmayi

Pawan Kalyan fans targeting singer Chinmayi for Renu Desai

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Pawan Kalyan fans targeting singer Chinmayi for Renu Desai: Pawan fans will be always active in social media. They will not leave it anyone talks bad or irrespect Pawan. The fans troll them very badly with using hard words too. Recently, Pawan Kalyan ex-wife Renu Desai declared that she wants to 2nd marriage. After a long time, she is thinking to start a new life after divorce with Pawan. But Pawan fans are against to it. Some of the Pawan fans are telling in social media that Renu Desai is always should be Pawan wife and she can’t be anyone wife except Pawan ex-wife.

But some didn’t like Pawan fans behavior towards Renu Desai. They gave lessons like no one has rights to interfere in someone’s life. And if the fan love crossed its limit then it will not be good for anyone. Recently, singer Chinmayi who say dubbing to Samantha also supported Renu Desai. She tries to give some brain to Pawan fans that if s woman shared her views on social media then there is no need to criticize her. With this, even Chinmayi is facing Pawan fans madness.

Pawan fans started trolling on Chinmayi naming suchileaks in social media. So Chinmayi fired on Pawan fans. She told to Pawan fans that tell her with polite words if there is any mistake she will try to rectify it. But don’t troll like this useless as there is no use.

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